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Now more than ever, we’ve approached the cusp for the need to seriously think about protecting our own, whether it is our family, our community, our state or our lives.   There used to be a time in our generation where playing army and pushing little tanks around our living room floor during play time was fun and a guy like GI Joe was our hero.  As adults, seeing that in real life is not so much fun.   If you stop and think about it maybe it was a sign of what might be headed our way one day.   Who would have ever thought our Country and State would get to the point that it is today.

During each War we’ve learned from the previous battle what works and what doesn’t work.  We’ve suffered dearly as individuals and as a whole.  But from great sacrifice comes great knowledge and we learn as individuals our strength is in our numbers.   The need is at its peak right now and we were smart and have the means to protect and enforce our own now, more than ever is the time to do so.

The Blackwater Grizzly APC, offered here today is a 22 ton armored infantry mobility was designed and built for the US Army

and its unique design would handle .50 caliber rounds and absorb and deflect blast from underneath to protect its cargo and humans.   The Blackwater Company was commissioned by the US Government to produce these vehicles for modern day warfare and combat.  But just like every war the US is involved

in, projections were off and the need for Blackwater to complete its order was obsolete and larger companies who have a strong influence on US Policies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics were awarded the contracts exceeding of $120 million dollars.   If you’re a car guy, you can compare it the same story as the Tucker in the late 40’s.  Big companies such as GM, Ford and Chrysler didn’t want the little guy to succeed and would do what it takes to wipe them out such as Lockheed and General Dynamics did.

But it did give the Blackwater Worldwide Company a chance to prove that they could build something as well or better than the big guys and only a handful of these wicked, fierce machines were built and never saw combat.   Essentially these vehicles are brand new and most of them with less than 1000 miles on them.

South Jersey Classics has purchased the vehicles from Blackwater Company with a few stipulations.

  • They can be sold in the US only. No out of country sales of any kind is or will be permitted.
  • All with the exception of 1 vehicle come with a certificate of origin, not a title. See what you’re local state requires for registration before buying.

All vehicles will be sold and represented by South Jersey Classics and for information please contact us.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our inventory or pricing.

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